Viewport Dimensions

Looking for a specific
device’s viewport size?

Depending on both the browser and the user’s zoom settings, all mobile devices in responsive web design relate to a specific CSS width (known as “device-width”). Find your phone screen dimensions below in our handy list of viewport sizes by device.

Apple iPhone X112524363758123458288
Apple iPhone 6+, 6s+, 7+, 8+108019204147363401288
Apple iPhone 7, iPhone 875013343756672326192
Apple iPhone 6, 6s75013343756672326192
Apple iPhone 564011363205682326192
Apple iPhone 46409603204802326192
Apple iPhone 3320480320480116396
Apple iPod Touch64011363205682326192
LG G5144025603606404538384
LG G4144025603606404538384
LG G3144025603606404538384
LG Optimus G76812803846402318192
Samsung Galaxy S8+144029603607404529384
Samsung Galaxy S8144029603607404568384
Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge144025603606404534384
Samsung Galaxy S6144025603606404577384
Samsung Galaxy S5108019203606403441288
Samsung Galaxy S4108019203606403441288
Samsung Galaxy S4 mini5409603606401.5256144
Samsung Galaxy S372012803606402306192
Samsung Galaxy S3 mini4808003205331.5233144
Samsung Galaxy S24808003205331.5217144
Samsung Galaxy S4808003205331.5233144
Samsung Galaxy Nexus72012003606002316192
Samsung Galaxy Note 8144029603607404521384
Samsung Galaxy Note 4144025603606404515384
Samsung Galaxy Note 3108019203606403386288
Samsung Galaxy Note 272012803606402267192
Samsung Galaxy Note80012804006402285192
LG Nexus 5108019203606403445288
LG Nexus 476812803846402320192
Microsoft Lumia 1520108019204327682.5367240
Microsoft Lumia 102076812803204802.4332220
Microsoft Lumia 92576812803204802.4332220
Microsoft Lumia 92076812803204802.4332220
Microsoft Lumia 9004808003204801.5217144
Microsoft Lumia 83072012803204802294192
Microsoft Lumia 6204808003204801.5252144
Motorola Nexus 6144025604126903.5493336
HTC One108019203606403468288
HTC 8X72012803204803341288
HTC Evo 3D5409603606401.5256144
Sony Xperia Z3108019203605983424288
Sony Xperia Z108019203606403443288
Sony Xperia S72012803606402342192
Sony Xperia P5409603606401.5275144
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5108021603937862.75403264
Xiaomi Mi 4108019203606403441288
Xiaomi Mi 3108019203606403441288
Lenovo K900108019203606403401288
Pantech Vega n°6108019203606403373288
Blackberry Leap72012803906952294177
Blackberry Passport144014405045043453274
Blackberry Classic7207203903901.8294177
Blackberry Q107207203463462328192
Blackberry Z3072012803606402295192
Blackberry Z1076812803846402355192
Blackberry Torch 9800360480360480118796
ZTE Grand S108019203606403441288
ZTE Open (Firefox OS)4807203204801.5165144
Samsung Galaxy Note 9144029603607404521384
Samsung Galaxy Note 10108022803607184401370
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+108022803607184401370
Samsung Galaxy S9144029603607404529384
Samsung Galaxy S9+144029603607404529384
Samsung Galaxy S10144030403607404522384
Samsung Galaxy S10+144030403607404522384
Samsung Galaxy S2014403200563
Samsung Galaxy S20+14403200525
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra14403200511
Apple iPad Pro20482732102413662265192
Apple iPad Pro 9.71536204876810242264192
Apple iPad 3, 4, Air, Air21536204876810242264192
Apple iPad 1, 276810247681024113296
Apple iPad mini 2, 3, 41536204876810242326192
Apple iPad mini76810247681024116396
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10"80012808001280114996
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10"80012808001280114996
Samsung Galaxy Tab (8.9")80012808001280117096
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7")60010246001024117096
Samsung Nexus 101600256080012802300192
HTC Nexus 91538204876810242281192
Asus Nexus 7 (v2)108019206009602323192
Asus Nexus 7 (v1)80012806049661.325216127
LG G Pad 8.3120019206009602273192
Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.91200192080012801.5254144
Amazon Kindle Fire HD 780012804808001.5216144
Amazon Kindle Fire60010246001024116796
Microsoft Surface Pro 314402160102414401.5 / 1.4216144
Microsoft Surface Pro 21080192072012801.5207144
Microsoft Surface Pro1080192072012801.5207144
Microsoft Surface76813667681366114896
Blackberry Playbook60010246001024116996
Google Glass6403604272401.5-144
Google Pixel108019204117312.6--
Google Pixel XL144025604117313.5--
Apple Watch Series 1, 3 (38mm)272340272340-302-
Apple Watch Series 1, 3 (42mm)312390312390-302-
Apple Watch Series 5 (40mm)324394324394-326-
Apple Watch Series 5 (44mm)368448368448-326-